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The 'Classifieds' are published by Southern Business Services Pty Ltd . We are a small family owned, independent publisher located in the Huon Valley in the south of Tasmania. We are not affiliated with any other interstate or local business. We employ 7 local staff who mainly work part time. Our writers live locally. The Classifieds are printed in-house on our own high speed B&W printer using Australian made 10% recycled paper. We print on demand with the number of copies printed each week tailored to suit demand from the readers. Publishing the Cygnet and Channel Classifieds and the Kingston Classifieds is totally reliant on the support of our advertisers and our readers who support those advertisers.

The Classifieds are delivered weekly to over 170 locations from Kingston south to Dover. Our readers actively seek out the Classifieds and read it from cover to cover. Our readership base is steadily growing.

The Kingston Classifieds has been published continuously since 1997 and covers the area Kingston, Kingston Beach, Howden, Blackman's Bay, and nearby areas.

The Cygnet and Channel Classifeds has been published continuously since 1986 and covers the areas Cygnet, Middleton, Woodbridge, Kettering, Bruny Island, Snug, Margate, Sandfly, Grove, Ranelagh, Huonville, Glen Huon, Franklin, Geeveston and Dover.

We publish articles of interest to the local community and aim to differentiate ourselves from other publications by publishing opinion pieces to stimulate discussion within the community.

Southern Business Services Pty Ltd  also operate the Cygnet Telecottage and Lovett Art Press and provide a confidential colour and B&W digital printing service for individuals or business. On behalf of the Huon Valley Council, we also manage the Cygnet Town Hall and Supper Room.