SBS show to boost Huon economy
A Girl’s Guide to Hunting, Fishing and Wild Cooking has premiered on SBS Food and is available to stream on SBS On Demand.
The series follows world-renowned Michelin-star chef, Analiese Gregory, as she swaps her high-flying restaurant career for a century-old cottage in the Huon Valley.
Filmed entirely in Tasmania, and co-produced by Tasmanian production company Broken Yellow and Sydney-based Southern Pictures, the series will showcase Tasmania’s landscapes, lifestyle, tight-knit communities, and world-class produce, enticing viewers to eat seasonally, cook simply and find their ‘inner wild’.
The Tasmanian government, through Screen Tasmania, invested $15,000 through the Development Investment program and a further $80,000 in production investment through the Screen Tasmania Innovation Fund.
According to the government, this has generated nearly $250,000 of expenditure in the local economy, supporting jobs in the screen
industry sector.
Minister for the arts, Elise Archer, attended an advance screening of the first two episodes of the series, alongside production cast and crew and other members of the Tasmanian screen industry.
“The Tasmanian government’s ongoing commitment to Tasmanian screen production has enabled the screen industry to build its capacity, to develop new work and service large-scale productions, ensuring Tasmania’s unique stories, landscapes, people and creatures continue to intrigue, engage and entertain audiences around the world,” said Ms Archer.
Minister for the arts media release

Electric vehicle charger for Cygnet
Huon Valley Council has been successful in securing a $30,000 grant to have an electric vehicle (EV) fast-charging station installed in Cygnet. This will be the third EV charger in the Huon Valley.
Mayor Bec Enders said the Tasmanian government’s Electric Vehicle ChargeSmart Grants program is helping support electric vehicle uptake throughout Tasmania.
“Providing fast and reliable charging options for residents and visitors to the Huon Valley is crucial for encouraging Tasmanians to drive an electric vehicle and reduce their greenhouse emissions. It is also a part of our climate change strategy. Huon Valley Council was also one of the first councils to purchase a fully electric vehicle as part of their fleet.”
The council is partnering with Electric Highway Tasmania (EHT) in the design, installation, and operation of the public charger.
Clive Attwater of Electric Highway Tasmania said the company was keen to work with the council to complete the coverage of the Huon Valley area for public electric fast charging.
Mayor Enders said members of the public had approached the council to raise the importance of having a charger installed in Cygnet.
“Cygnet is a central location for commuters, residents and travellers, with links to several main connector roads. The charger will provide convenience to those living and visiting the region
with EVs.
“We are one of the few Tasmanian councils to initiate investment in electric charging infrastructure. We started in Huonville and followed shortly after with a second station in Geeveston. All of these have been made possible with the help of previous rounds of the ChargeSmart grants.”
The charger will be located behind the Cygnet Town Hall, a short distance to the central business district services and retail outlets. Installation is expected to take place by late 2022.
Huon Valley Council media release

Council updates North West Bay River plan
Kingborough Council has approved an updated management and action plan that details an assessment of the North West Bay River catchment and a range of actions and projects to improve the resilience of
the catchment.
A catchment plan was originally developed by the council with community and stakeholder involvement in 1999 to ensure the management of the catchment preserved the natural and social values of the area.
The recently updated plan found that, whilst the natural conditions of the catchment area are relatively stable, threats from weeds, vegetation clearance and the effects of climate change are present.
The key focus of the updated plan is to re-engage and empower the community and key government stakeholders in the management of their land for the benefit of the
wider catchment.
Maintaining the resilience of the catchment is imperative in the face of future challenges such as climate change and population growth.
You can view the plan on the council’s website at (navigate to Services > Environmental Programs).
The North West Bay River is the largest river system in the Kingborough municipality, with a catchment area of approximately
9,600 hectares.
The catchment incorporates a large proportion of the southern slopes of kunanyi/Mount Wellington.
The river flows through Wellington Park, into a semi-rural landscape in the mid-catchment until it meets the estuarine mudflats of North West Bay at Margate.
Approximately 70% of the catchment is private land. Wellington Park Management Trust controls 25.9%, while Kingborough Council owns a series of linear riparian reserves which make up less than 1% of the total catchment area.
What can you do to support catchment health?
Manage weeds on your property;
Maintain onsite wastewater management systems to help improve water quality;
Prevent stock access to waterways;
Rehabilitate eroded areas and revegetate cleared land adjacent to waterways;
Manage pets to minimise impact on native wildlife.
Keep an eye out for local events, working bees and opportunities to learn more about the river and to support restoration and monitoring work. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Kingborough Council’s natural areas and biodiversity team on 6211 8200.
Kingborough Council

Film program focuses on local
The Cygnet Community Arts Council will screen a program of diverse, locally made films and video clips in the Cygnet Town Hall Supper Room on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 December at 7pm and 2.30pm respectively.
The community is rich in cinematic talent and technical expertise, and this film event, Local Shorts,  aims to showcase this. The special program curated by Ursula Woods includes the premiere of Diamond by Tash Parker; Tabernacle, the multi-award-winning film by Alex Laird; locally produced  video clips, and more. 
Cygnet monthly films is run by an all-star team of volunteers. This team offer their technical expertise, their time and talents, and the event would not be possible without them.
December’s event had its genesis when the Arts Council invited local film director Ursula (who was volunteering that weekend as a projectionist) to screen her film Clockumentary. Ursula was keen, but as Clockumentary’s run time is just 10 minutes, organisers needed to program more films. Ursula was confident that finding more shorts by Tasmanian filmmakers would not be a problem.
This is a special event with a special ticket price of $10 for all tickets.
Loving Country A Bruce Pascoe documentary, directed by Dyllan Corbett, with cinematography by Tom Chapman
We Belong to the Land A film by Jacob Collings
Tabernacle Directed by Alex Laird
The Sartorial Naturalist By Michael Gissing and Deb Wace
Clockumentary Directed by Ursula Woods
Zombie Loves Pickle by Mind Takes Flight
Diamond Premiere of the film created by Tash Parker, Ursula Woods and Hans van Vliet
Closer To The Truth Directed by Rebecca Thomson with music by Monique Brumby
Rite of Life by Earthphish
You’re Not Alone Brain Flowers music video, directed by Gabriel Morrison and a power Tassie team
Sphere Celeste Evelyn music video, directed and created by Kelly Hammond
The program run time is one hour 30 minutes with an interval. The Cygnet Town Hall Supper Room is upstairs. Cashless door sales will be available. For presale tickets visit This is a Covid-safe event presented by Cygnet Community Arts Council.
Cygnet monthly films will take a break in January and will be back in February 2022 with the Melbourne Women in Film shorts.
Cygnet Community Arts Council

Here’s looking at Longley
he Friends of Longley Area Group (FLAG) is a body of local people whose aim is to care for the upper North West Bay River catchment and its communities.
To celebrate its first year, FLAG has planned a neighbourhood activity and information day called Picnic in the Paddock.
The event will be held on the Matthews Road Recreation Ground at Longley on Sunday 5 December from 11am to 3pm and will be an opportunity to promote community awareness and to come together to share views on the future of our beautiful area.
This free family event will centre around information on weeds, water quality, fire awareness and planning, and local history. There will also be displays by community groups, short talks, coffee, a Q&A session and a sausage sizzle, all combined with fun activities for children, including a jumping castle.
The event will be sponsored by Kingborough Council and the Longley International Hotel Social Club.
FLAG was formed at the end of 2020. The group represents and advocates for the interests of the communities within the catchment, including Longley, Neika, Leslie Vale and Lower Longley.
The group’s major projects to date include:
Taking care of the Longley Waterhole and ensuring the river environment is kept clean and safe;
Campaigning for safe traffic movement and parking on Matthews Road to protect the waterhole and the amenity of the residents who live nearby;
Weed control within the catchment, particularly of foxgloves, Erica and wild mignonette;
Planning tree planting and tree maintenance activities;
Campaigning for toilets for Longley Park for health and safety and amenity reasons;
Funding for an update for the Longley Management Plan (last updated in 2018);
Funding for a feasibility study for a multi-use pathway alongside Leslie Road at Leslie Vale;
Forming a productive relationship with Kingborough Council (both elected members and relevant council staff) to enhance funding opportunities and facilitate the group’s activities.
Sue Quarmby

Screening explores transgender challenges
Producer, director and writer Sharnya Thomson Yates, a former Tasmanian resident, is bringing her well-regarded short film Choice to the Palais Theatre in Franklin for a Tasmanian premiere on 10 December at 7pm. Bookings can be made
via Eventbrite.
The film has been written and produced to raise awareness for transgender youth suicide prevention.
Saffron Bell, who plays the lead role and who has lived experience as a transgender person, will be accompanying Sharnya for the Q&A directly after the screening of the film.
“I was sitting in my living room in Margaret River one day when it suddenly occurred to me that
I needed to write a story that might help other families to make better choices,” said Thomson.
“Our family had recently experienced a challenging and life-changing few years during the period our daughter was coming out as transgender. There had been a lot of emotional turmoil, mental health issues and scary times for us all, and not one of us was left unchanged.
“The screenplay was written to encourage more conversations that raise awareness of the issues transgender people face and the impact that discrimination (and the lack of understanding about transgender and gender-diverse people) has on their mental health and increased risk
of suicide.
“It was important that someone who is transgender and around the teenage character’s age had some input during the writing stage, so I am grateful to my daughter for her guidance when reviewing the script. 
“While the story is broadly inspired by some of my family’s life events, it is based on the researched experiences of a number of Australian families that have a young person with lived experience of being transgender.”
Come and support this important, raw and cinematically beautiful film and help make the lives of transgender youth a little brighter.
Choice media release

Transform your life with a cargo bike
If you want to cut your carbon footprint or the cost of owning a second car, Bicycle Network wants you to join them for the free screening of MOTHERLOAD, a US documentary exploring the benefits of cargo bicycles in all aspects of our lives.
The free screening is on Friday 10 December at the Kingborough Community Hub in Kingston, starting at 6.45 pm.
A cargo bike is perfect for local trips with a small amount of cargo or with kids and pets. Cargo bikes aren’t just big boxes on wheels – they can be very sporty, with nimble handling and quick acceleration. Especially with an electric motor, a cargo bike is a very competitive alternative to
a car for an active family.
Bicycle Network spokesperson Alison Hetherington said the screening was part of the consultation period for the new Kingborough
Bicycle Plan.
“The new bike plan aims to create
a network of protected and separated cycleways to connect people in the main residential areas to schools, shops, services, workplaces and other attractions.
“This is what we need if we are going to get parents riding with their kids or, even better, kids being safe to get around on their own.
“It’s also essential for all of us out there who would prefer to ride
a bicycle for some of our trips but fear getting hit by a car if we ride on the road unseparated from traffic.
“MOTHERLOAD was made by keen bike rider Liz Canning in response to having two children and finding herself driving more and feeling miserable about it.
“But then she discovered cargo bikes and the ability to get back into riding, which gave her a choice and also made her and her children
a lot happier.
“The film interviews everyday cargo bike riders, as well as people using the bikes to help older people to stay engaged with their community or for poorer communities who have few other transport choices. “It’s difficult to watch the film trailer and not be energised by the joy on the faces of the riders, their children and their dogs; they make it look like so much fun.
“We have to limit audience numbers because of Covid restrictions so we are asking people to book their free tickets online so we can ensure the number is below the cap.
“Just head to”
Kingborough Council provided a quick response grant to Bicycle Network to allow the film to be shown for free.
Bicycle Network Tasmania

Your chance to question Kingborough Council
Kingborough Council has released its annual report for 2020/21 for public comment ahead of its annual general meeting, which will be held at 11am on Saturday 4 December at the Civic Centre in Kingston.
Kingborough mayor Paula Wriedt has encouraged community members to read the report and to make submissions at the AGM.
“The primary purpose of a council AGM is to allow the public to ask questions about the contents of the council’s annual report for 2020/2021,” Cr Wriedt said.
“The report highlights the council’s activities over the past year, the community programs and infrastructure developments, and includes the annual financial report for the year.
“The AGM is open to the public. Any community member who is interested in attending is required to register their attendance via the council’s website.”
Submissions for the AGM can be made via the council’s website or in writing to the general manager at, or delivered to the Civic Centre, 15 Channel Highway, Kingston 7050.
The deadline for all public submissions is Tuesday 30 November.
Kingborough Council media release

Taroona Fire Brigade celebrates 75 years
The Taroona Volunteer Fire Brigade is celebrating its 75th anniversary, recognising the inspiring contribution and commitment that each and every volunteer has made, and continues to make for the community.
Founded by Marc Ashton and his band of Taroona brothers in 1946 as an unofficial local brigade, in 1951 the group was officially registered as the Taroona Rural Fire Brigade.
The brigade has been involved in some significant fires in Tasmania, including the 1967 fires, and those at the Taroona Bowls Club, Taroona Pre-School, and Taroona High School; as well as at Dunalley in 2013 and in the North West in 2016, where members assisted for 29 consecutive days.
Taroona volunteers have also assisted in interstate deployments in New South Wales and Queensland in 2018 and 2019.
Jacquie Petrusma, minister for police, fire and emergency management said: “On behalf of the Tasmanian government, congratulations to all past and present volunteers of the Taroona Fire Brigade on reaching this important milestone in your brigade’s history, and thank you for what you do to protect the Taroona community each and every day.”
Minister for police, fire and emergency management media release

Council debuts Live Bites events
Kingborough Council will host a new series of pop-up events with music and food at the Kingborough Community Hub.
Live Bites will be held on 26 November from 5.30pm to 7.30pm and on 3, 10 and 17 December.
“Now our days are getting longer, this will be a great way to celebrate the end of the week over food with friends and family, listening to local musicians on the grassed area at the Community Hub,” said Kingborough mayor Paula Wriedt.
“People can grab a bite from the food trucks as they relax and unwind to the sounds of a live acoustic set from a local musician.
“The council is really hoping it will be a great event where family and friends can unwind.
“Each week there will be a different sweet and savoury food truck option on offer, with many delicious choices available.
“We will be treated to a different musical act each week, as we showcase a talented array of guitarists, singers and songwriters.
“There will be outdoor games and beanbags, and parents can let the children play in the best playground in Tasmania.”
Kingborough Council media release

Albion Heights landcarer recognised
Heather Scandrett is a Landcare Honour Roll recipient for 2021.
Kingborough Council has thanked Heather as she hands over the convenor role of Albion Heights Landcare Group after founding and nurturing the group for 15 years. Ian Nielsen will now co-ordinate this dedicated bunch of people who manage weeds like Spanish heath on both council and private land.
Landcare Tasmania is the peak body that works to represent, support, strengthen and expand Tasmania’s community landcare. Landcare groups work on the ground to improve the health of our natural and working
Kingborough has 21 council groups volunteering their time to make their neighbourhood a better place. The council thanks all
those volunteers.
Kingborough Council

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