Highway intersection complete
The $22 million Huon Highway/Summerleas Road intersection upgrade is now complete, delivering a safer and smoother journey for motorists travelling to and from the Huon Valley.
Federal minister for urban infrastructure and cities Paul Fletcher said the Huon Highway is
a key link to the Huon Valley, connecting major industry sectors such as forestry, aquaculture and agriculture with Hobart and beyond.
“This upgrade means faster and safer links to major commercial, educational and residential facilities in Kingston, one of Greater Hobart’s highest-growth residential areas,” Mr Fletcher said.
“The federal government has committed up to $17.5 million to the upgrade, supporting 80 jobs during construction with more than 20,000 sub-contractor hours completed over the life of the project.”
Tasmanian deputy premier and minister for infrastructure Jeremy Rockliff said the intersection had a history of crashes and these upgrades would further reduce the risk of head-on crashes through the installation of a flexible safety barrier between lanes.
“There are also improved facilities for cyclists and pedestrians as well as safer bus stop locations on the Huon Highway,” Mr Rockliff said.
“This project will not only improve safety and efficiency but will also cater for the forecast traffic demand for the next 40 years.”
Senator Eric Abetz, who was instrumental in securing the funding for the project and turned the first sod last year, welcomed the official opening.
“For more than a decade, everyone has known this intersection to be highly dangerous, so I am pleased the new intersection is now open, ensuring that the Huon Highway is safer for all,” Senator Abetz said.
“As a life-long Kingborough resident, I know first-hand how important this upgrade is, and was pleased to be able to secure $17.5 million from the Commonwealth for the upgrade to proceed. I also salute former councillor Roger McGinniss for his tireless advocacy for this upgrade.”
The upgrade provides a grade separated interchange, with Summerleas Road passing under the Huon Highway. The roundabouts on Summerleas Road increase safety for traffic turning between Summerleas Road and the Huon Highway on and off ramps.
All lanes of the highway have opened and returned to their final speed limits.
The Australian government provided up to $17.5 million for the project, with the Tasmanian government adding up to $4.4 million.
Jeremy Rockliff
Minister for infrastructure media release

Photography with a difference
Patterns in Nature, the upcoming exhibition in the Lovett Gallery in Cygnet, is photography with a difference. It is Bob Brown’s way of looking deeper into the beautiful intricacies of
planet Earth.
“We are all part of nature, part of the pattern of life on Earth,” says Bob. “And, as the great architect of Barcelona Antoni Gaudi said, ‘All creativity comes from the great book of nature.’”
Bob’s Lovett Gallery exhibition is a glimpse of both the random but repeated use of patterns in nature and the beauty of that patterning. The patterns found on the extensive sand dunes around Australia’s coastlines feature prominently in the show.
“Last year my partner Paul Thomas and I took a long drive around the Great Australian Bight and were astounded by the unsung beauty of the extensive sand dunes near the Nullabor,” says Bob. “It was winter and, in the morning, there was frost on the dunes. But the most striking features were wrought by the winds: both the smooth rounded dunes themselves, sometimes appearing like a huge pavlova, and the finely wrought patterns the wind of the day was weaving on the surface of those dunes.
“We were reminded of the beginning of 18th-century English mystic poet William Blake’s famous Auguries of Innocence:
‘To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.’
“Blake went on to vent his wrath on people who are cruel to nature and its beings. We hope this exhibition will give viewers reason to think again about the rapid loss of Earth’s natural beauty under the pressure of eight billion people wanting more and more from our one finite planet. In the beauty of nature is a salve for every soul.”
Patterns of Nature will be opened by Peter George at 6pm on Friday 24 August and all are welcome.
The exhibition will run at Lovett Gallery, open on Saturday and Sundays, until 16 September.  Visitors will also be able to view the gallery’s extensive array of works by other local artists.
Paul Thomas

Judbury boil water alert lifted
TasWater’s upgrade of Judbury’s drinking water system is complete, resulting in the removal of its long standing boil water alert.
The Department of Health has completed its rigorous testing program following the installation of a new pipeline and reservoir as part of the water supply upgrade.
Until now, Judbury has been supplied with water drawn from a small weir on Dora Creek which was piped to customers by gravity. There have been no storage reservoirs or chlorination, with the 89 properties connected to the Dora Creek system on boil water alerts since 2009.
TasWater considered several options for the upgrade of Judbury’s water supply, including a new water treatment plant.
The most feasible option, however, was to install a pipeline from the Glen Huon treatment plant, making use of an existing facility and providing the area with a sustainable water supply sourced from the Huon River.
The water is pumped from Glen Huon to a new 650 kilolitre concrete reservoir built on Pine Lodge Road from where the water will again be gravity fed to customers along Pine Lodge and Glen Huon Roads.
The reticulation network has also undergone a significant upgrade with the removal of aging pipes and water lines which could compromise the quality of the water. Cleaning was undertaken by a thorough
flushing and foam pigging of water mains in the area.
Extra capacity has been built into the Judbury system to accommodate the likely growth in the number of connections along Glen Huon Road. TasWater may consider connecting extra properties adjacent to the pipeline, but as these properties are not in serviced land areas, anyone seeking a connection is required to go through the formal process set out by government legislation.
TasWater CEO Michael Brewster says it’s great to see another community in Tasmania being provided with water which meets Australian drinking
water guidelines.
“We are just weeks away from fully commissioning TasWater’s new water treatment plant at Rocky Creek, which means all our customers in the Huon Valley will be able to drink water straight from the tap,” he said.
TasWater media release

Art group welcomes spring
Spring is in the air and the Huon Art Exhibitions Group has some exciting events planned at the Lovett Gallery in Cygnet.
Bob Brown’s photography exhibition, Nature’s Patterns, opens at 6pm on Friday 24 August and runs for three weekends.
On Sunday 26 August, HAEG is holding its AGM at 3pm in the Huon Valley Christian Life Centre at 7 Mary Street, Cygnet. The AGM will be followed by afternoon tea.
If you are a member and care about the running of your organisation, or even if you’re not but are interested, come along and see what HAEG and the Lovett Gallery are all about.
An exhibition of encaustic art (painting with wax coloured with pigment) opens at the Lovett
Gallery on Friday 21 September and runs for two weekends.
The Spring Portrait Exhibition takes place the following month, opening on Friday 12 October. It runs for two weekends, Friday included. The opening date is also the Lovett Gallery’s tenth birthday so it’s an exciting way to celebrate.
Next March may seem a long way off, but before you know it we’ll once again be holding the Huon Art Awards so it’s time to get thinking about your entries. For further details visit the website at We look forward to meeting you at any or all of these events.
Jill Miller

Meals connect generations
Are you or do you know an older person who may not be able to get out much, and who would appreciate a nutritious meal delivered to their home once a week?
Kingborough Council encourages intergenerational connections between members of our community by enabling young people to cook a nutritious meal once a week for older Kingborough residents. Young people work with a qualified trainer during each school term to prepare nutritious packages for residents who may, for a variety of reasons, not get out and about as much as they would like.
The meals are delivered to registered participants. At the end of the eight-week series, the young cooks sit down to share a meal and
a chat with the residents. Transport is provided for this gathering
in Kingston.
This program benefits all who are involved: the young people learn new skills to improve their chances of employment and older residents establish new connections.
A small fee (around $10 per meal) is charged to the meal package recipients, and the money contributes to the cost of educational courses for the
young people.
If you are over 65 and would like to take part, or know someone who would, please contact the council’s community development officer on 6211 8170.
Community Connections is
a Kingborough Council initiative supported by the Department of Premier and Cabinet’s Liveable Communities Grants Program.
Kingborough Council

Antarctic alert
The Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) has been the subject of discussion following a proposal to develop an Antarctic Precinct at the Macquarie Point site in Hobart. The AAD is an important and valued organisation in Kingborough, and Kingborough Council is concerned about
its future.
The council has agreed to write to the minister for the environment, the Hon Josh Frydenberg, advising him of the council’s desire to maintain the AAD in its current location in Kingborough, and will seek assurance that the Australian government will not make any decision which would result in the loss of the centre in Kingston. The council will also write to the shadow minister, the Hon Tony Burke, seeking the same assurances.
This motion was put forward by Councillor Dean Winter and was passed unanimously.
Kingborough Council

Kingston Beach changes direction
Kingborough Council will reinstate
a two-way traffic system on Osborne Esplanade and Balmoral Road at Kingston Beach. Community feedback on a three-month one-way trial was reviewed at a council meeting.
More than 415 residents, businesses and visitors to the precinct provided feedback. Fifty per cent of respondents said they did not want the one-way system to remain; 42% were in favour of it; and eight per cent said they were unsure. The majority of people who voted against the one-way system felt there was
a negative impact, as more traffic, including more commercial vehicles, were travelling through
residential streets.
The financial impacts of creating
a one-way system were also considered by the council. The cost estimate for implementation was up to $35,000. This included changing parking to 60-degree-angle spaces, which would also result in a 22% loss of car parking spaces.
Kingborough mayor Steve Wass said: “The cost implications and loss of parking spaces were also a concern for the council as were the potential impacts these may have had on businesses in the area.”The two-way system will be reinstated during August. The date of the changeover will be published on the council’s website and social media channels.
Kingborough Council

Kingborough GM reappointed
Kingborough mayor Steve Wass has confirmed that Kingborough Council has agreed to reappoint the current general manager, Mr Gary Arnold, for a further period of five years. The formal offer has been made to Mr Arnold in writing. In accordance with the Local Government Act 1993, the council resolved to reappoint the general manager without seeking applications for the position. The council considered Mr Arnold’s performance in the role and agreed it would be a sound investment to extend his contract.
Kingborough Council

Huonville sewers replumbed
TasWater is currently upgrading Huonville’s Main Street sewage pump station (SPS) and rising main to the Ranelagh sewage treatment plant (STP).
The Huonville Main Road SPS is located at the rear of 13-17 Main Street in a known floodplain.
It was originally built in the 1960s and had upgrades in the late 1980s and again in 2003.
The pump station transfers all flows from Huonville and Franklin to the Ranelagh STP, via a rising main that runs across private property, parallel to Wilmot Road, about 30 metres behind the shops and properties.
Both the SPS and rising main have a long history of non-compliance and complaints.
After considering the options and consulting with affected residents, TasWater has decided to build a new SPS as well as a new rising main along Main Street and Wilmot Road. Both the existing SPS and rising main will then be removed from service.
Project benefits
The upgrade is important in helping to minimise the risk of sewage overflows, and reduce odour from the SPS. It will also improve system reliability and operational safety, and will help cater for growth in Huonville over the next 30 years.
Community impact
during works
The vast majority of the SPS work has now been completed, with the remaining work, including modifications to the existing sewer network, and shutting down of the existing pump station and rising main, to be completed after the rising main is installed.
TasWater fell behind schedule with the new rising main at the Ranelagh end of Wilmot Road. It took a number of months longer than expected to obtain the relevant approvals needed to work on the edge of the road. Following completion of the new rising main along Wilmot Road, the existing rising main will be removed from service and filled with grout.
Work will largely occur between the hours of 7am and 5pm Monday to Friday and on the occasional Saturday as required. Traffic management will be in place when required, and TasWater will endeavour to minimise the impact of the project on members of the public, people attending Huonville High School, and other key stakeholders.
More information
For more information about the project, please contact TasWater community engagement officer Ivan Zwart on 13 6992 or email
Taswater media release

Grey Mountain dams: what next?
Are you interested in the future of the Grey Mountain dams?
The Grey Mountain dams are located 8.5 km north east of Cygnet in the Snug Tiers Recreation Area. The two dams were originally constructed to provide a secure water supply for Cygnet. However, with the introduction of the Huon Valley Regional Water Scheme, these dams are no longer required for the town’s water supply.
The law requires TasWater to operate and maintain the dams in a safe manner in the meantime. The condition of the dams has been assessed as unsatisfactory, with the risk to society being above the Australian National Committee on Large Dams
limit of tolerability.
Given this, TasWater is working with the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment to breach both dams to reduce the risk they pose. It is likely the dams will then be fully decommissioned.
Before undertaking a full decommissioning, TasWater is keen to hear from members of the surrounding community about their views on the future of the dams. While decommissioning seems the most likely solution to resolve the safety issues, TasWater will consider divesting the dams to a suitable organisation that would then upgrade and manage them.
If you have an interest in the future of these dams, please register your views in the survey at The survey will close on Friday 7 September 2018.
Taswater media release

Mental health support
Huon Valley Council will host
a community information session called Understanding and Supporting Mental Health on Thursday 27 September at 7pm at Huonville Town Hall.
The session is a joint presentation between SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY and headspace Hobart. 
Mitch McPherson will share his personal story and talk sensitively about the impact suicide has on families and the community.  Speakers from headspace will describe how best to support young people’s mental health. Local services will be on hand after the talk.
The session is for any community members, especially parents/carers, but is not suitable for children under 14.
RSVP through Eventbrite: search for ‘understanding and supporting mental health’.
If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the council’s Health and Wellbeing Team on 6264 0300.
Huon Valley Council

Yspace workshops filling fast
A variety of great activities are on offer for young people from August to December at yspace in Kingston.
Training opportunities include the popular barista sessions, food handling training with the council’s environmental health officers, cooking masterclasses for our next intergenerational bistro and a new Get Ready for Work course.
The Get Ready for Work course takes place over four days and includes: senior first aid, responsible serving of alcohol, safe food handling and barista training.
The course winds up with a session on how to create a stand-out CV for potential employers to showcase their newly acquired skills. The course costs $150.
Other free and crafty workshops include an introduction to needlecraft (which includes learning to knit a beanie), T-shirt art with popular artist Rory Dick, face painting and henna tattooing, and cooking Christmas delights.
These workshops are filling fast. For more information and bookings, visit the council’s website All events ending with @yspace are part of this program. You can also contact the council’s youth development officer on 6211 8137 or
Kingborough Council
media release

Views sought on landscaping
TasWater is now sharing the draft Blackmans Bay Sewage Treatment Plant (BBSTP) landscaping plan and collecting feedback.
If you would like to view the plans, visit and click on the Kingborough sewerage upgrade project link.
Feedback will be considered along with that received from residents living near the BBSTP and used to shape the final landscaping plan, which will be shared once complete.
Please note feedback will be prioritised to ensure that those who are most affected, such as residents whose properties share a boundary with the BBSTP, have a level of influence that reflects their level of impact.
To provide feedback please visit and click on ‘Kingborough Sewerage Upgrade Project’ or contact community engagement officer Cassandra Wells on 6237 8851 or at
About the project
The Kingborough Sewerage Upgrade Project will benefit the Kingborough area, both now and for future generations, by consolidating and enhancing the Kingborough sewerage system.
There are three main components to the project:
The BBSTP is being upgraded to centralise waste from local catchments and treat it to a higher standard before it is discharged into the Derwent Estuary.
Converting sewage treatment plants at Margate and Electrona to sewage pump stations which will transfer flows to the upgraded BBSTP. The Howden Sewage Treatment Plant will be decommissioned.
Constructing a new pressurised sewer rising main, approximately 15 kilometres in length, which will transfer waste from the pump stations at Electrona and Margate to the upgraded BBSTP.
Project benefits
The project represents an investment of $51 million by TasWater and will provide Kingborough with significant long-term benefits.
The upgrade will:
Provide enhanced odour management at the existing BBSTP;
Improve the quality of the effluent that is discharged into the Derwent Estuary;
Provide sufficient capacity for future growth and continuing development within the region.

Local business after the storm
The storm in May impacted many residences, businesses and organisations in Kingborough.
While the council still has some major repairs to complete, crews have addressed most storm issues and continue to clear drains and culverts within the normal maintenance schedule.
Businesses in central Kingston have been seriously affected and continue to face the challenges of damage to stores, closures, and the flow-on effect of reduced customer numbers.
Business owners are struggling and in some cases have had to reduce staff levels in order to keep going.
The stress of changes to personal lives and circumstances cannot be underestimated.
The council aims to support a local vibrant economy and will help promote local businesses while they rebuild. It hopes to encourage residents and visitors to Kingborough to support our local shops and entrepreneurs.
There are a number of resources to assist residents and businesses who have been affected by storm damage. See the council’s Flood Assistance page for  information and contact details: visit www., and click on services > environmental programs > natural hazards > flood > flood assistance.
Kingborough Council

Book sales, robots and fancy dress...
Kingston Library has some exciting opportunities coming up for book lovers and robotics fans.
Book Sale
The library will host a book sale on Friday 17 August from 10am to 12pm. There will be great titles on offer at fantastic prices. The sale is hosted by Friends of the Library Kingston (FOLK).
The Library Kidz Zone offers a fantastic range of creative coding, robotics and lego programs for ages 5 - 12. Check out the Eventbrite listings. Enrolments are essential.
Robotics, Coding and Lego Open @ Library will take place on 21 August and 4 Sept from 3.30pm to 4.30pm.
Children’s Book Week
The library is celebrating Children’s Book Week from 17 to 24 August. Storytime will be on Thursday 23 August with special fancy dress for book week. Come as your favourite book week character.
Kingston Library

Invitation to mental health supporters
Do you help someone around their own home, take them shopping or help with other daily tasks? Perhaps you take them for medical appointments, or offer support by listening to their concerns? Do you step up your suport when it’s needed and take a step back to support the person’s independence? Or maybe you help out with unpaid child care.
If so, you may be interested in
a series of sessions called Conversations with State Mental Health and Alcohol and Drug Services Staff. The sessions are held statewide, and a topic is chosen for each session based on feedback from carers to Mental Health Carers Tasmania (MHCTas). You will also have the opportunity to give feedback to staff about you and your loved one’s experience of state mental health services. The sessions take place in a safe and relaxing environment. These forums are not open to service providers.
On Monday 27 August, a session will be held in Hobart on understanding the emergency department at the Royal Hobart Hospital. The session is for friends, families of those suffering with mental ill health, and unpaid mental health carers. It will run from 10am to 12pm at Mistral Place, ground floor, 4 Liverpool Street (entry from Liverpool Street on the corner of Liverpool Street and Mistral Place).
A light morning tea will be supplied. RSVPs are essential for catering by Wednesday 22 August. Phone Vicki at Mental Health Carers Tasmania on 6228 7448 or email
Mental Health Carers Tasmania

The Nightingale soars at film festival
The Nightingale has continued its success, with the film set to make its Australian premiere at the Adelaide Film Festival this October.
The production was supported with $250,000 in funding from the state government, and injected around $4.5 million into the local economy, in addition to employing more than 70 Tasmanian cast and crew members.
Predominately shot in Tasmania, the film showcases our unique heritage and landscapes to the rest of the world, and will add to Tasmania’s growing reputation as a destination of choice for
The announcement comes on the back of the feature film being selected for competition at the prestigious 75th Venice International Film Festival, announced last week.
The Adelaide Film Festival will also feature the world premiere of virtual reality cinematic installation The Waiting Room, from Tasmanians Molly Reynolds and Rolf de Heer.
Minister for the arts media release

Metro planning Hobart ferry
Metro Tasmania has begun planning for a ferry service on the River Derwent.
Minister for infrastructure Jeremy Rockliff has said that public transport is a critical element of successful transport outcomes for Hobart and that the state government supports a commuter ferry service between Bellerive and the city of Hobart.
The state government has already tabled legislation to allow Metro to expand beyond its bus operations, and is confident that this initiative will help ease Hobart’s current congestion problems, potentially taking thousands of vehicles off roads in and around the city.
Metro is embracing the opportunity to expand the modes of passenger transport available to the community, and has hosted
a preliminary briefing for industry stakeholders with an interest in being involved in, or who may be affected by, the new service on 16 August.
Minister for infrastructure
media release

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