Huon Valley Council welcomes its first electric car
The Huon Valley Council is excited to announce the arrival of a Hyundai Ioniq, its first electric vehicle (EV).
“Our car selection was based on a recommendation made in the Smarter Fleets report, price, warranty, ease of charging in a 10-amp power outlet, and kilometre range,” said Huon Valley Council general manager Emilio Reale. The Smarter Fleets report is the work of the Sustainable Living Tasmania and the Tasmanian Climate Change Office.
Mr Reale stated, “The Ioniq is the most economically priced EV available at this time, and with a good range of 311km, it meets our needs well as a fleet vehicle.
“As part of the assessment process, the car was test-driven to make sure it would be user-friendly for staff,” said Mr Reale.
“The 2020 model will comfortably make three return trips to Hobart without needing a top-up charge.”
Mr Reale said that the new addition will play an important role in building staff awareness about the use and benefits of EVs.
“It marks the start of our organisation’s move away from combustion engine vehicles,” said Mr Reale. “This transition is part of the council’s leadership role on climate change through the reduction of greenhouse gasses produced as part of operating a fleet.”
Transportation makes up 30 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions in the Huon Valley, according to the Huon Valley Council Community Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Footprint Summary Report,
May 2019.
Supporting the uptake of EVs was one of the five Cities Power Partnership pledges the council made to make the switch to renewable and more efficient sources of energy.
Huon Valley Council mayor Bec Enders said she is proud that the council is embracing new technologies and leading by example in the shift towards renewable
energy sources.
“As costs continue to drop and travel range rises, there will be more opportunities for EVs to join our fleet in the years to come. Future purchases will be determined by directions in our Huon Valley Climate Change Strategy and operational needs.”
In addition to reducing air pollution, other benefits to EVs include lower running and maintenance costs.
“Sustainable Living Tasmania has predicted that within five years, electric vehicle costs and performance will make them the more practical and cost-effective choice over internal combustion-engine (ICE) vehicles in most cases,” said Cr Enders.
In the Huon Valley, there is currently a charging station located in the Main Street car park, Huonville, with installation of a fast charger in Geeveston now underway. Cr Enders says the council hopes to install more EV chargers throughout the Huon Valley, in locations such as Cygnet, Dover, and Southport, as more grant funding opportunities become available.
“The next potential locations for EV chargers would be selected based on where they would provide the most benefit,” said Cr Enders. “It may not be practical to transition to EV use in a number of areas until travel range increases and charge time reduces so the cars are suitable for operational and
industry purposes.
“We are committed to facilitating the uptake of EVs in the Huon Valley, and will make way for more private operators to start selling the use of charging stations. This will ensure we are not competing with local businesses and running into competitive neutrality issues.”
Community members who were interested to find out more about EVs recently attended the launch of an electric vehicle community bulk buy of quality second-hand EVs in Huonville. The bulk purchase was made through a collaboration between Circular Economy Huon and the Good Car Company to drive down the price of purchasing an EV for Huon Valley residents.
“By making EVs a more cost-effective option, initiatives such as Circular
Economy Huon’s bulk buy will be strong drivers for the uptake of EVs and other non-ICE vehicles within our community,” said Cr Enders.
Funds for the EV were included in the council’s 2019/20 budget to replace the organisation’s existing petrol-powered pool car which was due for replacement. Further details on the vehicle is available on the Hyundai website.
For tips on lowering your greenhouse gas emissions and investing in climate action, download the Climate Action Toolkit on the Climate Council website at
Huon Valley Council

Blueprint for a circular economy
Last year, Churchill Fellow Brad Mashman and his business partner Rena Dare travelled to Belgium, Sweden and the United Kingdom to study the European Union transition to a circular economy. Circular economics is the keeping of products, parts and materials in the market place for secondary use and value optimisation rather than the linear economic model of make, break and destroy.
The high cost of waste transport, landfilling and subsequent destruction of product and materials generating substantial economic, social and environmental deficits remains the predominant paradigm in Australia. By contrast, in 2016, the European Commission reported circular economic activities such as repair, re-use, restoration and recycling generated 147 billion Euros in value-added outputs while representing around 17.5 billion Euros worth of investments.
As the co-creators of the Tipshop concept, Mashman and Dare have been working in the circular economy arena for nearly 30 years and are very familiar with transitional, economically orientated concepts designed to deliver sustainability outcomes as market discovery.
It was evident from their study tour that re-directing capital away from linear 19th century technologies such as incineration, landfilling and end of life product life processes creates new industry, new jobs and reduces sovereign risk.
Most importantly they discovered that the circular economic opportunities for Brand Tasmania, producers and manufacturers, are nothing short of extraordinary.
We are well positioned to take advantage of this new global economic and consumer trend because sustainability is a language we already well understand and circular economic structural reform is a natural fit.
Circular Economy Huon is hosting a talk by Brad Mashman and Rena Dare, titled ‘Blueprint for a circular economy’, on February 27 at 7.30pm in the Cygnet Town Hall Supper Room. Come along and hear what should be a really interesting session, where they will share their findings from their study tour, and how they could be applied in Tasmania.
Circular Economy Huon

Recognising our local volunteers
Nominations are now open for this year’s Huon Valley Council (HVC) Volunteer Service Awards, given each year to recognise the people living locally who have contributed their time and skills for the benefit of our community, often over many years of service.
“Volunteering contributes so much to our quality of life in the Huon Valley,” said Huon Valley Council mayor Bec Enders. “It is quite overwhelming to consider the things we would lose without these valuable contributions to our way of life. Please take this opportunity to nominate someone you know who is an outstanding volunteer in our community and give them the recognition they deserve.”
The 2020 winners will be officially recognised at a ceremony held during National Volunteer Week (18-24 May).
Nominations can be made for one of three award categories:
• Volunteer Service Award (under 5 years’ service)
• Special Volunteer Service Award (5-10 years’ service)
• Outstanding Volunteer Service Award (more than 10 years’ service)
Volunteers contribute an average of 229 hours per year or 4.4 hours every week to their fellow Tasmanians, according to Volunteering Tasmania’s summary report for last year. The report also found that 76.7 per cent of volunteering occurs in the volunteer’s own community (within 50km of home).
Common motivations for volunteering include a desire to give back and make a difference in people’s lives, build social connections, and participate in activities that are meaningful and enjoyable on a personal level.
You can ‘pay it forward’ now by sending in your nomination before 5pm Friday 28 February 2020. Nominations can be made on the council’s website at and at the Customer Service Centre at 40 Main Street, Huonville. Anyone who has a proven history of dedication and involvement within the Huon Valley community is eligible to be nominated.
Huon Valley Council

Raising resilient kids
Come along to a free talk from clinical psychologist Lisa Ford and learn practical strategies for giving your children the skills they need to thrive and navigate life’s challenges. The talk will be held on Monday 2 March, from 6.30pm to 8pm, at wayraparattee Child and Family Centre, Geeveston.
In this session, you will:
• Learn why resilience is a vital factor in children’s health and happiness;
• Learn simple and practical everyday steps to help your children thrive;
• Support children to bounce back from stressors and develop greater coping skills
This talk is for parents, carers and educators only (not for children to attend). Tea and coffee will be provided. Register at Eventbrite.
Please call Huon Valley Council on 6264 0300 with any questions.
This workshop is running as part of a 12-month program by the Resilience Co, involving a series of workshops geared at building a community of resilient and empowered children and parents throughout the Huon Valley. For details of upcoming workshops, keep an eye on Eventbrite and the Huon Valley Council website.
Huon Valley Council

Future directions for the Kingborough Sports Precinct
Kingborough Council endorsed a Future Directions Plan for the Kingborough Sports Precinct at its meeting on Tuesday, 11 February.
A lot of work went into the plan, including engaging with the 33 organisations who currently use the Kingborough Sports Precinct.
“This is an exciting and bold vision that this council has endorsed, one which will be 25 years in the making,” said Kingborough mayor, Cr Dean Winter.
“We have one of the most significant recreational venues in Tasmania, with over 30 organisations using the site, including six of the state’s largest sporting organisations.
“The demand for improved facilities and opportunities is growing exponentially along with our community – we are looking at having well over 40,000 residents in the next few years.
“This plan captures the aspirations of the key users of the site, as well as key opportunities for health and well-being for the whole community in years to come.
“It also recognises the opportunity to unite with the Kingston High School to offer a premier sports college with great facilities for Tasmania.
“One of the key projects is developing a new aquatic leisure centre.
“Our current survey has already attracted nearly 600 responses over the past couple of days.
“We need to consider the feedback, the reasons why the community want such a centre, and the viable options to support this aspiration.
“We will be looking to find a model which is affordable but also in line with the requirements of our community.
“We are proud to have endorsed this vision and look forward to working with the users to discuss the proposals in more detail. We also look forward to engaging with the whole community to create a premier sporting, health and well-being precinct for Tasmanians.”
Take the survey for the aquatic centre feasibility study and see the council’s other engagement opportunities on the ‘Our Say’ page on our website at
You can also have a look at the Future Directions Plan on our website at (scroll to the bottom of the page for pdf links).
Kingborough Council

Nature for Neighbourhoods
Recovery after bushfires can occur everywhere. Replanting and recovery of plant life and habitat is essential for people and animals. Our native creatures have taken a hit: they need replacement environments. Obviously, for the greening of the countryside to occur, consultation with people in affected areas is essential, because they know what they need. Urban dwellers can also do their bit by concentrating on revegetating gardens and open spaces in urban areas to help wildlife. Urban dwellers may even find a way to help the recovery of the countryside, all while boosting biodiversity in our towns and cities.
The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) is about to launch the Nature for Neighbourhoods project. The intention is to bring your community together to make your local area amazingly greener by joining a huge movement of people right across Australia who are connecting new people to nature, sharing the wonder of watching things grow, and experiencing the power of speaking up for what matters. The knowledge learned at each local level can be added to and shared by those involved. You can get some dirt under your fingernails for a good cause – nature.
A Nature for Neighbourhoods plan
ACF have developed a Nature for Neighbourhoods toolkit. The plan has five steps, including how to start a Nature for Neighbourhoods project, beginning with a webinar for late February. If you miss the webinar you can contact ACF to get your toolkit on: Doing it as a group is a good way of educating those who don’t understand the need to plant for native birds and animals. That might include creating wildlife corridors with planter boxes to connect the balconies in your neighbourhood, seeding a pocket park or making a vibrant nature play area for your neighbourhood’s wildlife and children. Start by reading or exploring – what natural spaces and projects exist? Are there local groups already restoring nature that you can reach out to? The local Landcare groups may be a good resource and have the knowledge of what is around. Chat with your neighbours and start planning. Decide on a project, what to plant and what equipment is needed. Safety is important – identify risks in your activity and how you will manage them. Invite your neighbours, promote your event and remember to register your event with ACF. Projects with living things require follow up and maintenance activities.
The event
Make lists of everything you need, like drinking water, sunscreen, first aid, tools. Welcome everyone, perhaps consider an Acknowledgement of Country. Give everyone clear instructions so they know what to do. Know how many people attend, and invite them to your follow-up event/s, make sure to take photos and maybe a video. Doing a simple survey, about what people liked and didn’t like helps with planning the next event. Keep ACF informed, perhaps with photos and short videos. Follow up events can be just get-togethers for a cup of tea, or a watering and weeding session, a nearby nature walk, further planting days – the possibilities are endless! Nature needs you.
Merlene Abbott

Sarah Bolt ‘in conversation’ rescheduled
A public conversation on discrimination will continue with Sarah Bolt on Tuesday 25 February.
“The Cygnet Community Hub would like to advise that due to circumstances beyond our control the scheduled ‘In Conversation’ with Sarah Bolt, the Tasmanian Antidiscrimination Commissioner, has been rescheduled for 2pm Tuesday 25 February at the Hub.
We again invite you to a dialogue with the Commissioner and a discussion on the issues which might influence the sense of what makes a community a safe and kind place to live.
As a community we may think that every member of the community lives a life in quiet enjoyment, however, for various reasons, this may not always be the case.
Often, we allow small acts of discrimination to continue unchallenged because we feel embarrassed, feel a lack of strength or support to speak up. As a result people feel disrespected, isolated or depressed. These circumstances impact mental health and quality of life.
As a growing and changing community we need to be aware of our neighbours and friends, and to confront issues such as bullying and harassment head on.
Please come along and join the conversation.
Mez Newman

Have your say: Mountain River Hall playground renewal
Due to age, and wear and tear on the existing equipment, the Mountain River Hall playground, located on Mountain River Road, has been identified for upgrade.
We’d like to hear your thoughts on the proposed design for the new playground.
Key features in the proposed design include:
• Swings, including a toddler seat;
• Junior rock climbing wall;
• Scarecrow mirror panel.
Let us know what you think on our ‘Have Your Say’ page on our website, at by 5pm Thursday 5 March 2020.
A public information session will be held at the playground on Wednesday 26 February 2020 from 3pm to 6pm. Come along for a chat about the renewal project and a free sausage. (In the event of bad weather, the session will move into the hall.)
Any questions, please contact the council’s Community Engagement Officer on 6264 0300 or via
Huon Valley Council

Launch your business now
Are you thinking of starting a small business? Maybe you have a hobby that is becoming a business.
Business Tasmania is pleased to present the Starting a Small Business event, in partnership with the Australian Taxation Office on Tuesday, 3 March from 5.30pm to 6.45pm at Kingborough Community Hub, 7 Goshawk Way, Kingston.
The event will help you understand:
• The difference between a hobby
and a business;
• What to do if your hobby turns into
a business;
• The most common business structures;
• The registrations you may need to be in business.
Getting it right is important so come along, ask questions and give your business the best chance of success.
Business Tasmania will also be there to tell you how they can provide ongoing support to you and your business.
If you have any questions, please contact the Business Tasmania team on 1800 440 026 or email
Light refreshments will be provided.
Business Tasmania

Love living locally returns
Kingborough’s premier community celebration is just around the corner.
The 9th annual Love Living Locally festival will be held at the Kingborough Community Hub on Sunday, 23 February from 11am to 3pm.
The family friendly event attracts thousands of people for a fun-filled day that showcases Kingborough’s producers, makers, providers and community groups who make our community. There will be a wide-variety of stallholders with delicious food and beverages, local produce, craft, art, photography, holistic health, jewellery, plants, beauty products, books and much more!
The day wouldn’t be complete without checking out what our local associations and groups are up to.
Have a chat to Roger McNeice OAM about his book, Flames of Fear – a photographic and historical account of the bushfires in Tasmania from 1820 to 2016.
Also on display will be the plans for the Kingston Park playground. Come and see the fun and unique sculptural and natural play elements designed for this special place. Meet Traders In Purple, the developers for Kingston Park, who will be there on the day with their plans and ideas for the future.
Loving local entertainment
There is a great entertainment line up for the festival, starting with Montz Matsumoto’s fantastic bluegrass tunes. He is a familiar face at events in southern Tasmania.
The soulful Linda Angledal will wow us with her ethereal rustic folk influences and intimate lyrics.
The sweet a cappella harmonies of The Clementines will be ringing through the venue, with a tang of vocal and body percussion.
She’s a cook, a storyteller, a singer, a legend and a very funny lady - Mamma Rosa will have us laughing at Love Living Locally.
High energy breakdancing will be on show with Coco, and the Kingston High rock chicks Tiffani and Kiara Adkins will be there too!
Parking locally
There will be two car parks open near the Kingborough Community Hub for the Love Living Locally event. The existing temporary Kingston Park car park and the newly built temporary car park off Skipper Lane will both be open. This arrangement is for this day only.
The existing temporary car park will close after the event and remain closed for the Traders In Purple development to occur. The new temporary car park on Skipper Lane will remain open after the event and will be available for all day parking during the week.
Love kids activities
The festival is full of fun for kids. The Sands Family Circus will be performing during the day with their breath-taking routines, and will also have their crazy bikes!
Other great activities include the giant slide (kindly sponsored by Traders in Purple), Zorb balls, Adventure Patch pop-up play area, Social Circus, giant games and the favourite face painting and henna tattoo stall.
Come explore the wonders of science with the Science Communicators Initiative. Explore the biodiversity of invertebrates, learn how to make slippery slime and how flowers and pollen play a vital part in our ecosystem.
The scientists are also returning with their popular demonstration of transforming milk, cream, sugar, vanilla and liquid nitrogen into delicious ice cream. Many have enjoyed the result of this particular experiment, usually with a colourful topping.
Families can check out the great food on offer while watching the kids explore and have fun with the Kingborough Robotics Team in the town square.
Love indulging
We have some delicious and great quality food and drinks on offer at the festival!
Huon Valley Soft Serve have cups, cones and milkshakes to enjoy – also with a gluten free range!
A truly traditional Tassie Chinese taste will be on offer with Kung Fu Canteen. They will be serving up their favourite homemade fried dumplings, free-range crispy sweet and spicy chicken wings, homemade popcorn chicken and yummy chips.
If you need a caffeine fix, then Long Black Jack will be there pouring high-quality coffee that will make your tail wag!
Crepes can be both sweet and savoury – check out Miam Crepes for lashings of goodness filled with local produce. Vegetarian, gluten free and vegan options will be available.
Delicious Mexican flavours will make your mouth water from Taco Taco!
If you fancy something a little more traditional, Toasted Tasmania dish up insanely delicious gourmet toasties and crunchy crispy sides.
Support local
It’s not often there is such a great gathering of Kingborough’s local producers and makers in the one place. We are delighted to announce the following stallholders for the festival:
• Clapz Studio Handmade Candles
• Culinary Kitchen
• Deni Cupit Photography
• Early Designs
• Fiona Hutchinson crafts
• Flourish Collection
• Gorgie and Me
• Handmade by Adriana
• Herbal Chic
• Lalita Holmes Stress Free
• Laura Ritchie Skin Care
• Leslie Vale Nursery
• Margaret Vandenberg arts and crafts
• Millierie
• Neora Holistic Health
• One Hive Beeswax Wraps
• Phoenix Creations
• Roger McNeice OAM
• Susan Nolan crafts
• Thimble and Felt
• Tig Handmade Earrings
• Way Down South Woodcrafts
Traders In Purple, the developers for Kingston Park will also be there to chat about their proposal and future developments.
Love local
There is a range of local community groups, associations and organisations that will be at the festival for you to pop in and chat with including:
• Beehive Play Centre
• The Channel Museum
• Hobart Reading Help Tasmania
• Kingston Beach Coastcare Group
• Kingborough Senior Citizens Club
• Kingston Library
• Orangutan Project
• Wombat Rescue
• Christian Homes Tasmania
• Landcare Tasmania
• Sea Shepherd
• Southern Environment Action Network and Sustainable Living in Kingborough will be joining forces to give out plants or native seeds for your home. Put a pin on their interactive map where you will plant your gift!
• U3A Kingborough
Local engagement
Kingborough Council officers will be at the festival to chat about a number of engagements
and topics.
Our Natural Resource Management team will be there to chat about looking after our native wildlife and threatened species. Learn about vegetation communities, weeds, what’s near your place and more! Kingborough’s Emergency Management Coordinator will be on hand to give advice and assistance in preparing for an emergency.
Silverwater Park future
The council would like to know what you like about Silverwater Park in Woodbridge and what changes, if any, you would like to see.
This consultation will help the council to consider how we plan, design and take care of the park in the future. Paul Donnelly, the council’s urban designer, will be at the event to discuss and record your ideas.
Swimming pool feasibility study
The idea of a swimming pool has been floating around for some years in Kingborough.
The council has been given a grant from the Tasmanian Government to do a feasibility study for an aquatic leisure centre or swimming pool within the Kingborough Sports Precinct.
This survey asks why you would want a pool in Kingborough, and what needs you have. The results of this survey will help us look at what the feasible options are for Kingborough.
Come and chat with our Kingborough Sports Precinct staff for more information at the Kingborough Council engagement marquee.
If you can’t make it on the day, visit the council’s online engagement portal to have your say on any of the current engagement projects at
Kingborough Council

Tips for employers
Are you a small business with employees, or are you thinking of employing workers? Come along to a free session in Huonville to find out about your tax and super obligations as a small
business employer.
The session takes place on Wednesday, 26 February from 5.30pm to 7.15pm at The Local, 17 Wilmot Road, Huonville.
Business Tasmania is pleased to present this introductory session on employer essentials, in partnership with Australian Taxation Office staff.
You will learn about:
• What to do when you hire workers, and how to determine whether they’re employees or contractors
• Pay as you go (PAYG) withholding annual reports and payment summaries
• How to report fringe benefits for your employees
• Superannuation reporting and due dates
• Taxable payments reporting for the building and construction industry.
Business Tasmania will also explain how they can provide ongoing support to you and your business.
If you have any questions, please contact Business Tasmania on 1800 440 026 or email
Light refreshments will be provided.
To book your free ticket, click search for ‘Employer Essentials – Huonville’ on Eventbrite.
Business Tasmania

Pancakes for the youth
Celebrate Shrove Tuesday by creating authentic French crepes and delicious savoury and sweet fillings.
This will be a free session for ages 12 to 19,  on Tuesday 25 February, from 4pm to 5.30pm, at yspace, 98 Beach Road, Kingston.
There are some other great youth
activities coming up soon. Check out the full program – Youth Activity Program, February to April 2020 – on the council’s website.
For more information please contact the council’s Youth Officer on 6211 8200 or email
Kingborough Council

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