Castle Forbes forest walk
I was lucky enough to be taken on this truly inspiring walk on Sunday here in our own Huon Valley. This little known walk is attracting a lot of attention. Hidden in the hills up behind Franklin it has lots of hundred year old trees, special ferns and more varieties of fungi then I have ever seen anywhere else. It is important special places like this area are preserved for their high conservation values so the residents of the Huon can enjoy them in the future.
Unfortunately this area is now threatened with logging from July 1. There is a group of dedicated locals who are leading walks to the location and helping to defend it from logging.
If you are interested in viewing the walk or helping to prevent its logging, please ring Archie on 0407  916 765.
Alison Viner and Archie Donley

Call for preservation
I took part in a two-hour walk
recently in the hills behind
Franklin. The walk took in old eucalypts, beech trees, ferns and varieties of fungi. The creek has had platypus sightings. This area needs to be kept for future generations to enjoy. Logging of this area is scheduled to commence on 1 July. I urge readers to help preserve the area by contacting the Franklin action group, undertaking the walk and spreading the word.
Chris Holliday
Deep Bay

No discussion about the environment
I recently attended the Premier Debate at the Country Club Casino in Launceston. I was not impressed by the conversation between Peter Gutwein and Rebecca White. It is ludicrous that there was absolutely no discussion about the environment, especially as we are in the midst of a global climate emergency and nobody is talking about it. Climate change is going to affect everyone on the planet sooner rather than later. I will not be voting Labor or Liberal as they try to out-right-wing each other. How can we still be ignoring the environment in 2021?
Felicity Holmes

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