Re: Jeffery’s Track feasibility study
Why do we need two major highways coming from the Derwent Valley into the Huon Valley?
We already have a big wide wonderful beautiful highway, called the Plenty Link Road.
It is open to the public already and it runs from Lonnavale, in the Huon, to Lachlan in the Derwent!
It is in mint condition and runs mostly through forest, non residential areas, and is almost flat.
Yet $90,000 is being spent on a Jeffery’s Track feasibility study, when the last one deemed it to be very unsuitable as a major tourist road.
Jeffery’s Track reaches 700 metres high, that is approximately twice the height of Vince’s Saddle, and it reaches that height in a much shorter distance.
It is very steep and dangerous in winter due to high rainfall, an abundance of springs, rivulets and snow lying at that height. These conditions would create another very dangerous, impassable highway.
This area is home to many endangered species, and many walking tracks criss cross through those hills.
The natural habitat, if managed properly, would make it very valuable as an adventure tourist attraction for walking, horse riding and mountain bike tracks, and for fire fighting access in the Huon.
The cost of such a project would be astronomical and involve the acquisition of land the full length of the quiet residential Crabtree Road.
Crabtree Valley is a narrow steep valley, with high ranging hills on both sides that will act like an echo chamber, amplifying the traffic noise from the steep 700 metre climb and descent, out through four tranquil communities – Crabtree, Lucaston, Mountain River and possibly Grove.
Fern Vella

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