Cygnet’s generosity aids Palestine
The Cygnet For Palestine Collective held another successful weekend of films recently. Drawing a sizable crowd on a busy weekend, it followed two previous well-attended events since February. Our amazingly-generous community donated over $2,000, which will be sent to the United Nations Relief & Work Agency (UNRWA). The Australian government recently reinstated its full funding commitments to UNRWA after an independent review found that claims of a lack of neutrality could not be substantiated. Donations will aid the Gazan people in desperate need of basic life-sustaining supplies.
Sincere thanks to all who contributed, including local Cygnet businesses, Amnesty Southern Tasmania, TPAN and Friends of Palestine, Tasmania. Our gratitude also to Regina Weiss, Tasmanian barrister and war crimes expert who spoke candidly with Peter George for the Q&A. Currently, there is no end in sight to the mass killings and destruction in Gaza and the West Bank. The Australian Government has recently spoken on the need for recognising and supporting a Palestinian state. The Cygnet For Palestine Collective supports this. We plan to hold more events over the coming months and hope the Cygnet community continues to show its compassionate support for the people of Gaza.
For more information contact: verite@live.com.au
Robert Alcock
Cygnet For Palestine Collective

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