NOFF takes fish farming campaign to next level
From a local community group working as a fish-farm watchdog, Neighbours of Fish Farming is growing into a campaigner with reach across the state and into
the mainland.
Neighbours of Fish Farming (NOFF) has launched a campaign of large roadside billboards on the mainland featuring the message: “Eating Salmon? Killing Tasmania.”
Last week, premier Peter Gutwein said he wanted to see the billboards taken down. NOFF responded with the following statement:
“I thank Premier Peter Gutwein for drawing attention to our billboards, which we will happily take down when the premier starts doing his job of bringing this rogue industry to heel and ends the destruction that is so damaging the Tasmanian brand Australia wide.
“It’s sad to see the premier peddling the salmon barons’ propaganda. It’s clear his government is now actively preparing to give away more public waters on the north and east coast for them to destroy.
“If the premier won’t do his job of protecting the Tasmanian environment and Tasmanian communities, I can assure Tasmanians we will.”
At a public meeting at the Cygnet Town Hall at 11am on Saturday, NOFF will announce campaigns to halt the rapid expansion of the salmon industry and to block the scandal-ridden Brazilian multinational JBS from taking over
Huon Aquaculture.
Neighbours of Fish Farming

Dr Bastian Seidel
I’ve just read Paul Abbott’s plea to Dr Bastian Seidel (in the Classifieds 2 September edition). I agree with it totally. Dr Seidel visited us when he was canvassing, and I had misgivings then about his apparent innocence. I agree whole-heartedly with Paul. Please, Dr Seidel, stay on as an independent. Tasmania needs more people like you in its chambers of parliament.
John Levett

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