Bushfire recovery action

The January bushfires caused much damage to Huon Valley properties and many local businesses went backwards when tourism stopped.
Our biggest visitor attraction, the Tahune Airwalk usually draws about 80,000 visitors each year, but was damaged by the fires; forced to close for repairs, and is still out of action.
Good news came from the federal and state governments who tipped in a welcome $2 million to help kickstart the local economy, and to attract extra visitors back to the Valley.
But it is now early December and sadly there has been no boost to our economy so far, nor any increase in tourist numbers.
In fact, the official Tourism Tasmania figures show that across the Huon Valley the number of visitors has fallen compared to last year.
Christmas is fast approaching, but no one in the community seems to have any idea of what is happening or when it will start?
What  happened to openness and transparency at our council?
Stan Armstrong

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