Notes and shorts from around the world

Surprise win for Mr Clean
A retired law lecturer with no political experience has won Tunisia’s presidential election, in what analysts say is a damning indictment of the country’s political class. Kais Saied, 61, took 72.7% of the vote, despite barely campaigning. He ran as an independent, but was supported by the moderate Islamist party Ennahdha after its candidate was eliminated in the first round. He is also believed to have drawn much of the left wing and student vote. In the run off, Saied beat Nabil Karoui, a media mogul who ran much of his campaign from prison, because he faced charges of money laundering and tax evasion. Saied, a social conservative dubbed “Robocop” for his wooden manner, has pledged to shun the presidential palace and continue living in his own home.
Football fans
More than 3,500 women were allowed into a special section of Tehran’s Azadi stadium to see a World Cup qualifier against Cambodia  – only the second time women have been permitted to watch a men’s match in Iran since 1979. Amnesty International described this as a “cynical publicity stunt involving only a token number of women”. Recently, the suicide of a 29 year old woman facing a possible gaol term for trying to sneak into a game made headlines around the world. The qualifier ended in a 14-0 victory for Iran.
Return by deposit
A London man who lost his wallet was surprised to find messages on his online bank statement, telling him how to get it back. Simon Byford had picked up the wallet, and when he found there was a bank card in it, came up with an ingenious way of contacting its owner: he quickly made four separate one pence transfers into the account – each with a message in the reference box explaining that he had the wallet, and how to contact him. When Tim Cameron went online to see if any money had been withdrawn, he spotted the messages, and within an hour, he had gone over to collect the wallet, with a bottle of wine to say thank you.
Officially macho
A Chechen man who was filmed crying at his sister’s wedding has been forced to record a video apology to the republic’s leader, admitting that such unmacho behaviour is “absolutely unacceptable” to the community. “There is a set of unwritten rules of conduct at a wedding, the observance of which allows us to maintain our mentality and special culture,” reads a caption to the video.
Bons mots
“Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson, essayist, philosopher and poet, USA

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