Strange but true

Ancient wall found under the Baltic
A wall found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea may be the oldest man-made megastructure in Europe. Running for nearly a kilometre along the sea floor in the Bay of Mecklenburg, about 20 metres down, it consists of some 300 large boulders connected by more than 1,200 tennis ball- and football-sized stones, and is mainly under a metre high. Researchers say natural events cannot account for it, and believe it was a driving lane, built to herd reindeer into a trap. With a natural tendency to follow straight lines, the creatures would have been guided into a bottleneck, or possibly into a marshy lake beside the wall, where they would have been easy pickings for hunters with spears and arrows.
Known as the “Blinkerwall”, it is thought to have been built between 8,500 and 14,000 years ago, when the area was dry land, and northern Europe was home to about 5,000 people. Before then, this area was covered by a vast ice sheet. After then, it was swamped by rising sea levels. The team hopes to make another dive to look for the arrowheads and butchered reindeer bones that would prove their theory. “What’s still missing is a smoking gun,” said study co-author Dr Marcel Bradtmöller.
Rain of maggots
A transatlantic flight was forced to turn back recently after maggots started raining down on passengers from the overhead lockers. Philip Schotte, who was on the flight from Amsterdam to Detroit, said he had seen a woman across the aisle from him having to fight off the larvae, which had escaped from a bag containing a rotting fish. “She was freaking out,” he recalled. “I was trying to process it.” The owner of the bag soon identified himself, although it remains unclear why he had chosen to travel with the fish.
Acorn shooting
The Florida sheriff’s deputy who opened fire on a 22 year old African American suspect handcuffed inside a police car has been cleared of wrongdoing. Jesse Hernandez was one of a group of officers involved in the arrest of Marquis Jackson for suspected car theft. Walking back to the patrol vehicle in which Jackson was handcuffed, Hernandez heard what he described as a “suppressed weapon” and felt an “impact” on his right side. “I’m hit! I’m hit!” he yelled, while firing at the vehicle. Luckily, none of the shots hit Jackson. After analysing bodycam footage, investigators concluded that the noise Hernandez heard must have been an acorn hitting the roof of the car. He has since resigned from the force.
Bons mots
“There is nothing so absurd that some philosopher hasn’t said it.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero, statesman, lawyer, writer and orator, Late Roman Republic

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