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Franklin Federal Election - Meet the candidates
Make your vote count
The Australian Electoral Commission website lists nine candidates standing in the upcoming federal election in the division of Franklin.
The Classifieds invited all candidates to submit 250 words for publication.
We emailed all candidates for the House of Representatives. The candidates who have responded are listed in alphabetical order. All submissions have been published as provided, with no editing by The Classifieds. Voting takes place on 21 May, while early voting centres open from
9 May. Visit the Australian Electoral Commission website at for more information on where and how to vote.
Complete candidate list:
BATEMAN, Anna        The Local Party of Australia
COLLINS, Julie            Australian Labor Party
DARKO, Jade            Australian Greens
HANNAN, Chris        Jacqui Lambie Network
HINDLEY, Steve            Paul Hanson’s One Nation
JOHNSON, Kristy Maree    Liberal Party of Australia
LOVE, Katrina            Animal Justice Party
MATTHEWS, Lisa        United Australia Party
PITT, Duane            Liberal Democratic Party

Anna Bateman - The Local Party of Australia
Anna Bateman did not respond to the Classifieds’ emails asking for a contribution. You can read more about Anna at

Julie Collins - Australian Labor Party
I entered politics because I believe in a fair go for all, regardless of their background, bank balance or where they live.
Labor is ready to govern, and we have a plan to deliver a better future where no one is held back, and no one is left behind. That’s why, if elected, Labor has a plan that will address:
Cost of living – Labor will deliver cheaper childcare, cheaper power bills, cheaper medicine, and more secure, well-paid jobs.
Building more homes – Labor will tackle the housing crisis. We will build new social and affordable houses to ease the housing crisis and create thousands of jobs.
Medicare – Labor will strengthen Medicare and fund a Medicare Urgent Care Clinic in Southern Tasmania with no out-of-pocket costs.
Climate change – Labor will take real action on climate change to ensure a better future for our children.
An elected Albanese Labor Government will also commit further funding to support the Huon at this election with $5,000 to wayraparattee Child and Family Centre to purchase new educational toys for the toy library.
I also had the pleasure to announce in Huonville that if elected, a Labor Government will contribute $500,000 to the Tasmanian Fire Commission to deliver a pilot program to provide extra field officers across the state, ensuring our dedicated volunteers are better trained and prepared for bushfires.
Labor is ready to deliver a better future for all Tasmanians. You can find more about Labor’s policies online:

Jade Darko - Australian Greens
For too long everyday people have been neglected by politicians who choose to look after their wealthy corporate donors rather than look after our needs. I’m running for Parliament because we deserve so much better.
Tasmanians are crying out for better healthcare, affordable housing, genuine measures to bring down the cost of living, and climate action. The Greens are listening. We are fighting to add dental and mental health care to Medicare, to build thousands of affordable homes, to cap rent increases, to make childcare, TAFE, and university free, and to end Australia’s reliance on fossil fuels.
The Greens don’t take corporate donations, which is why this election we are the only party offering a vision for Australia that will make a genuine difference to people’s lives. Our plan is to make multinational corporations and billionaires pay their fair share of tax, and to use this revenue to fund policies that will benefit everyone.
Meanwhile, over the last decade the major parties have raked in over $200 million from the fossil fuel industry, property developers, the private health industry, and other big corporations. The toxic influence of this corporate money is corrupting our democracy.
By putting the Greens in the balance of power this election we can kick out Scott Morrison and the Liberals, clean up politics, and push the next government to tackle the issues affecting all of us.
The Greens are fighting for your future, and with your vote we can make real change. Vote 1 Green.

Chris Hannan - Jacqui Lambie Network
Chris Hannan did not respond to the Classifieds’ emails asking for a contribution. You can read more about Chris at

Steve Hindley - Pauline Hanson’s One Nation
Steve Hindley was born into a working-class family in 1956, in Manchester, UK. He initially trained as a journalist before switching over to science and then later to medicine.
Steve has been married for 38 years to Sue, a mathematician. They brought their family to Tasmania in 1998, when Steve was recruited from the UK as a rural doctor, before finally settling on Hobart’s Eastern Shore some thirteen years ago.
In October 2021, Steve was stripped of his career for declining the Covid 19 vaccine and speaking out publicly for the rights of others to do the same. These and other attacks on human rights by the major political parties have motivated him to run for office with Pauline Hanson’s One Nation in order to set things right.
As a doctor, Steve enjoyed a reputation for straight-talking, integrity, tenacity and courage when dealing with the problems before him, and this will not change in the political arena
This particularly includes,
1) Fearlessly holding Canberra to account and opposing the abolition of human rights and freedoms that belong to all citizens.
2) Restructuring Tasmania’s Health system so that it is effective, accountable, and serves both individual needs and the public good.
3) Opposing foreign ownership of Tasmanian land to protect local and national interests.
4) Addressing cost of living pressures for low-income earners and seniors, and reversing Tasmania’s housing crisis.
5) Supporting growth in jobs, expanding community facilities and promoting education and access to Childcare for all Tasmanians.

Kristy Maree Johnson - Liberal Party of Australia
Kristy Maree Johnson did not respond to the Classifieds’ emails asking for a contribution. You can read more about Kristy at

Katrina Love - Animal Justice Party
Katrina Love did not respond to the Classifieds’ emails asking for a contribution. You can read more about Katrina at

Lisa Matthews - United Australia Party
I have an extensive background working with business and am passionate about seeing Tassie businesses succeed. To support businesses, the UAP will cut company tax by 20% for all businesses operating in Tasmania under our zonal taxation policy. We will also abolish the Fringe Benefits Tax and Provisional Tax.
All UAP policies are aimed at averting financial disaster for businesses and families. We will cut income tax by 20% for all Tasmanians, helping them deal with cost of living increases. We will cut tax on second jobs by 50%. We will increase the aged pension by $180 a week to keep our seniors out of harm’s way.
We will also legislate to cap home loan interest rates at 3% for 5 years, protecting six million Australian homes. On top of that, we’ll make the first $30,000 paid on a home loan each year tax deductible. We will permanently freeze the fuel excise to ensure realistic prices at the petrol pump.
These policies will have a massive impact on alleviating cost of living and mortgage stress for households in the Franklin electorate.
I will also ensure the people of Franklin retain the freedoms you’ve always enjoyed - the freedom to keep your business open, the freedom to turn up to work each day, the freedom to worship as you choose, and the freedom to say what you think and not be afraid.
Unlike the major political parties, the UAP will defend your freedoms, end government overreach and restore Australia’s economic prosperity.

Duane Pitt - Liberal Democratic Party
Duane Pitt did not respond to the Classifieds’ emails asking for a contribution. You can read more about Duane at

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