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  • If you prefer to speak to someone about the advert please phone 6295 1708 to discuss your requirements or request a quote.
  • Use this form to book a basic display advert.
  • If you require a logo or image with your advert please email the details to us.
  • Special rates for regular advertisers are available, contact us for details.
  • Please contact us for sizes & prices of front page advertisments.
  • Please consult our Technical Tips for display adverts.
  • Click here to view our general rate sheet in .pdf format.
  • Click here to view our front page rate sheet in .pdf format.
  • Click here to view our advertising tips.

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I understand that by clicking on the Place Advert button I am commiting to place the advert and pay for it. If I change my mind and want to revise the wording or cancel the advert I must phone through any changes to 6295 1708 by 4pm Tuesday in the week of publication, otherwise the advert will be published as requested above and I will be liable to pay for it.
I Also agree to the publishers terms and conditions as published on this website.
Credit card payments will appear on your statement as Cygnet Telecottage.
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Some technical tips

  • Fully designed and set adverts can be accepted as .pdf, .indd or .jpg files.
    Ask for files in other formats.
  • If you have pre-prepared your advert please advise the size that you require.
  • Graphics for logos etc, can be submitted as .jpeg files.
  • If we do not have the font you request we will find the best match available from our extensive font library.
  • Colour adverts can be accepted but as we print in black & white please check in greyscale before sending.
  • It may be better to convert grey's to black to reproduce well.
  • Ensure that the file size of any image submitted is of a sufficient size.
  • Small text or strange fonts with thin black outlines will not reproduce well.
  • A one column advert is 4.42cm wide.
  • A two column advert is 9.15cm wide.
  • A three column advert is 13.88cm wide.
  • A four column advert is 18.6cm wide.
  • All adverts are measured in full centimetres deep.
  • A full page advert is 18.6cm wide x 27cm deep.
  • A half page advert is 18.6cm wide x 13cm deep.
  • A quarter page advert is 9.15cm wide x 13cm deep.
  • Please contact us if you have further queries.

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